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The Tale of the UnrealMafia Hitmen...

In the beginning...

The clan, UnrealMafia Hitmen, started out as a collection of pubs-only players who were recruited to compete in a local tournament at the UnrealMafia UT community. The goal at the time was to create a team of elite 'pubs-only' UnrealMafia regulars who could compete against the established ladder clans who were sure to participate. The primary goal was to make sure that someone who had a chance of winning was representing the community in it's own ladder. A few of the other clans that were involved were [NFO], =SHP=, [UM], |HERO|, -210- and [604]. Unfortunately, the tournament was dissolved following a server move and a series of disputes over rule interpretations between some of the top clans. Shortly after the dissolve of the UnrealMafia tourney, the UnrealMafia community itself merged with the UnrealPlayground (UP) community and became a part of that organization. Through the pure dedication and of the members of the clan, UMH is still competing and continually improving.

Who are the UnrealMafia Hitmen...

The original founding members of our clan are |UMH|Branch_Davidian, |UMH|Creeper, |UMH|C.H.U.D., |UMH|GhostOfWar and |UMH|Vintage1945. The team concept was originally built to win and to create a team full of 'good-guys' that were like minded and out to have fun as well as having the dedication to do what it takes to win. Honor, sportsmanship and integrity are our foundation. Later members who joined and who are still around are |UMH|Agent-008, |UMH|Ghost-Stalker, |UMH|p00p, |UMH|PhlemBot aka [x_X] and |UMH|Tomolly. Former members are are Inluekki (Went AWOL), Dark_Man (kicked out), Princess_Buttercup (Quit UT).

The future...

Only time will tell. However, as a team, we are of the opinion that UT is growing once again and with the help of those who have a love for the game, it will be around for a very long time. Even if in the distant future, the game of UT dissolves we will move on, as a team, into the next gaming frontier. Essentially, we are a group of players who want to have fun first and win second. No matter what the gaming platform we frag on, we plan to stick together, frag together and have fun together... untill the last frag.
If you are able, save them a place inside of you and save one backward glance when you are leaving for the places they can no longer go.
Be not ashamed to say you loved them, though you may or may not have always.
Take what they have left and what they have taught you with their dying and keep it with your own.
And in that time when men decide and feel safe to call the war insane, take one moment to embrace those gentle heroes you left behind.

Major Michael Davis O'Donnell
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