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Why can't I download or post?
This is by far the most common problem people have when visiting the site. Since we limit access to members only (it's FREE to signup and we don't sell your email or pester you in any way), you must be logged in to download any files or post in the forums. If you're not logged in, the site will tell you and give you a chance to log in. Make sure to check the 'Remember Me' box so that the cookie stays set long enough for you to visit the rest of the site. Feel free to log out (head to the forums to do this or just click here) if you want to clear your cookies after visiting the site. At this point you should be able to do as you please. If the site keeps telling you that you haven't logged in when in fact you have then a few things may be happening. First: Did you activate your account when you registered? Our forums sent the email address you used to register an activation email with a link inside. After you click that link your account gains access to files and forums. Until you activate, about all you can do is browse or update your profile. This email sometimes gets caught in spam filters, so check yours if you think you didn't get it. If you accidentally entered an incorrect email address during the registration process you can log in and update your profile in the forums. The change won't be complete, again, until you activate by clicking the link in your email. Second: If you know you activated your account, then it's likely your browser or some other software is blocking the site cookies. If our site can't read the cookies it sets it thinks you've never logged in. To deal with this, the simplest thing to do is add www.unrealplayground.com to the list of trusted sites in whatever is blocking our cookies, be it your browser or a personal firewall. If at this point you STILL can't download files, but can post - post about this in the Hardware/Software Troubleshooting forums. Or email us at info@unrealplayground.com. Please input some information into the subject line as we do receive a lot of spam.

What maps are run on our game servers??
Some people like big maps, some like small maps. To appeal to the widest range of players, we try to choose a combination of both. Because we have found over the years that most people like newer maps, we try to stay away from the older ones. Of course, great maps never die. ;) Our server admins put in a great deal of time testing new maps that are released and might fit on one of our game servers. We look for maps that will fit well given player load. And we monitor maps once they are in rotation, especially newer maps. If we discover exploits or bugs or simply that the map isn't liked by many folk then we will pull it. We are happy to give maps a try online so long as they show a smidgen of promise, but are quick to pull those that the community does not respond to. Finally, our staff may miss great maps in going through recent releases! If you have a suggestion for something that would be great on one of our servers post about it in the Map Rotation Request forum.

Do you run custom skins/voice packs on UP?
No. Plain and simple. We could not possibly run all the skins people would want, so we're are not going to run [b]any[/b]. Period. Don't even ask. We will never push a skin from our servers.

What about mods/mutators on UP?
For UT: Same as skins, with the following exception. If, in OUR opinion, the mod will make for a better game across the board, it will be considered. Basically, UT is a DeathMatch game, with CTF thrown in as an afterthought. In a standard UT CTF game, the emphasis is more on frags and less on teamwork. If a mod can effectively place more emphasis on teamwork, it has a chance of going up. Now, some people have different opinions of the style of game that should be played, i.e. defense versus offense. A mod which deters either style of play will not be considered. We do have some mods/mutators running currently on the UT servers. Relics run on servers One and Three “Do The Right Thing” runs on all CTF servers. We also run anti-bot mods, in an effort to keep any cheating to a minimum. For UT2004: To keep our server in the standard list we don't run any mutators. We do run lots of custom maps though!

Does the web site run on one of the game servers?
No. They run not only on separate servers, but are located in separate data centers. None are run from a home DSL or Cable modem, they all reside in professional hosting facilities with high speed data circuits.

The #!$%ing stats don't seem to be working. Why?
It has become quite clear over the life of the Playground, that people are placing more and more emphasis on the player statistics provided by our servers. These statistics are provided for their entertainment value only. Being in the "top ten" or having a higher "cap ratio" than someone else, means nothing. For UT: While our staff has been contemplating writing our own stat collection program, we did not write the program that currently collects and processes the statistics from the game logs. The program that we are using is called NOP. We looked at all of the publicly available statistics generators, and next to ngWorldStats, NOP is clearly the best. Currently, there is no public stat collection for UT logging our stats outside of our system that is known. For UT2004: We are experimenting with a stats program. Results leave something to be desired, but with the master stats server so unstable this is better than nothing. We may tweak/improve what we have, but site improvements are a bit higher on the list than stat tweaks.

Hey! I make maps, what can I do with them at UP?
Excellent! We’re looking for people like you. Custom maps are our passion. We can provide a location to have your maps downloaded from, review your map, and maybe even run them on one of our game servers. Just create a user on the forums and fill out the mapper info. This will set you up to upload your maps here. Submit your maps up, and pimp them in the forums. If you would like your map to be reviewed, then request it from your maps page. It will automagically add it to the queue and we’ll take a look (this does NOT guarantee a review!). Keep in mind that you can only have one map in the queue at a time. We certainly suggest you have a look at our review schema (UT) (UT2003/4). If we deem it worthy, we might just add it to one of our game servers for some serious testing. You could also become the proud creator of one of our "Featured Maps" (maps reviewed in great depth).

How does the staff choose the maps that run at UP?
(This applies to our former UT CTF relics server and is now out of date; we may turn on web-based mapvote for our UT2004 ONS server though, in which case the below will apply to it). Welll.... We kinda choose the maps. We choose the maps that go into the voting pool, then you get to decide what maps you want to play. You can do that here. Rules are as follows: - New vote pool every week - 15 Votes Max each week - The top 22 maps will be in the map rotation* - Check out maps you have not played - Know the map you are voting for - The game server admins the final say whether a map makes it into the rotation even if it gets voted in - 10 maps will be selected by the game server admins *Maybe; if we decide a particularly bad combination has been selected we may change things. Yes this is subjective, but we've been running this place for quite awhile and can recognize when things just won't be as much fun.

For UT stats: How is the CTF Points statistic calculated?
A consortium of our admins (namely Hogman, Kingster, Freakish, and HortonsWho) get on a conference call and arbitrarily assign the top ten. That's why we are always in it... Not really. They are computed by a process with the stats that are collected by NOP using the following formula:
            (Flag Caps * 10) + (Flag Returns * 8) + (Flag Pickups * 5)
            ------------------------------------------------------------------    *   30
                                         Minutes Played
We divide the points by the minutes played then multiply the whole thing by 30 to equalize the points for our standard length game of 30 minutes.

Are there any rules on UP?
Well, as much as we hate to make rules, there are some that we have chosen to put into place, since it seems sometimes people just have to have them. We keep the latest version here.

How do I get in touch with a game admin?
There are a couple things you can do. You can check out our IRC channel, #unrealplayground, on the GameRadius network at irc.gameradius.org. Most of the Game Server Admins carry the tag Admin|nickname (Freakish is an IRC noob and often doesn't tag up properly). If there isn't one available, You can PM an Admin in the forums - see the list (game server admins are a ways down). We are working on a “page an admin” form for our website that will hopefully get you in touch with an admin sooner. If there is a problem with a post on the forums, just click the "Report this post to a moderator" link on that post.

Who are the admins if I have to PM them?
There’s a decent number of game server, forum, and irc admins now due to the growth UP. Click here for a current list.

Can I help out somehow?
Absolutely. If you've have a little extra cash laying around, we have a couple of PayPal methods set up and you can one here. By subscribing or donating you will be given access to members-only forums and potentially UP email or webspace, as well as know that you're actually sending in money for something worthwhile!

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