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Downloads [Download DM-300K-1vs1-DantesArena]
File Name: DM-300K-1vs1-DantesArena (157.7 KB) Download
Author: fragnbrag (Uploaded by fragnbrag)
Date Added: 12-22-2006
Downloads: 412
Grade: Not Rated
This is a duel-map version of DantesArena - exactly half the size - good for 2-4 players i like this one more than the bigger version, but that one's good too!

My Second entry in Blito3's 300K contest (Dec 2006).
Happy Fragging!
DM-300K-1vs1-DantesArena by fragnbrag on 12-08-2007
Downloads [Download DM-300K-1vs1-DantesArena]


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